Sunday, May 9, 2010

These girls will ride anything!

I don't have a friggin' clue what these gals are riding. A little help. European? Any one?


Unknown said...

Not sure...
Maybe early NSU or Dnepr ?..

Grumbler said...

Split single Puch comes to mind although I've my doubts.

Tommy said...

Hi there,

both were German manufacturers:
left bike is 49-52 Victoria KR 25 Aero (247cc, 2stroke 9hp),
right bike is 51-53 Adler M 200 (195cc, 2zyl. 2stroke, 9,3hp)


Anonymous said...

This photo is definitely taken around the Nürburgring, some time in the '50s. You can see the fence, possibly about where the grand stand for the current GP circuit is now located. And, yes, Tommy is right - Victoria and Adler, both 2-strokes.
You also had a photo (GP racing), later this year, from the Nordkurve - Northern Curve on the old 'Ring, with the castle Nürburg visible in the background.
/Jan Leek