Saturday, May 1, 2010

Motor Maid, Cops and a Biker

I started with the LAPD, Motor Transport Division in June 1966. I worked as a civilian in the motorpool at Parker
Center. It wasn't named that as William Parker was still the Chief. I enjoyed seeing Jack Webb come by from time to time to visit with our Chief. A pretty exciting place to work for an 18 year old.

Well I remember a Motormaid that worked parking enforcement on a trike, who rode to work every day on a 1950's green panhead dresser. She parked at the end of a car parking area in the lower level. All who rode to work on civilian bikes were allowed to park there for free......... Well it was mid 1966 and I was watching all the
officers and employees intently. Lots of stuff to see. I remember seeing two 220 lb motor officers bitching to each other that they weren't going to get one of the new, electric start bikes..............And I remember that little 5 foot tall Motormaid, at the time in her late 40's. She finished her shift each day about 3 pm and kicked her
panhead to life with no problem or complaint. And I remember thinking that those two, big, officers were whining...............I hope they didn't do it in public. Not a pretty sight... I soon decided that trying for the academy, like my pop wanted me to...........was not in the cards... I didn't like the attitudes and macho BS.... Lots of cool cops, but lots of jerk cops. I liked the garage, the bikes and cars. I didn't much care for firearms..........or wrestling idiots into submission. At the time I weighed 160 lbs dripping wet.........

I always remember the red headed Motormaid and her green panhead. She seemed very cool for a lady old enough to be my mom.......


Cool story. Wish I knew who sent it to me. I thought I'd share it with all of you.



drsprocket said...

I lived in LA in '66. I was 18 and just out of high school too. I must have a twin. love the story Jedd. Especially the part about the whining mucho cops.

grant said...

I just posted some old pics of my grandpa and great grandpa from when each was on in the force and on bikes dating back to the '30s.
Check it out:

Glad my dad didn't join the force too!