Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you know?

Without cheating can you name these to famous Nor Cal racers?


drsprocket said...

Is that all you got. Is that the best you can do. Not bragging but I knew both of them quite well. Is that cheating? Sam Arena Sr. on the left and Armando Magri on the right. I believe that photo is after the Oakland mile in 1939. Magri really got first because the lap counter screwed up so they gave him 2nd and Jack Cantrell(Frisco) 1st. That 1939 WLDR with the #2 plates is Armando's and still sits on the second story of his old HD dealership here in Sacramento. It used to be Harrison Reno's HD factory racer from his SoCal dealership. Armando was also a world class top builder. metal, wood, or plastic. He knew what shap and size to make them to get the RPM's he wanted. When we'd go on rides he pull one out when we stopped and blow little kid's minds. He was a charter member of our Fort Sutter Chapter, AMCA. Sam was given a dealership by Tom Sifton in San Jose but came back and took over Tom's Palo Alto shop later on. I believe that's how it went w/o looking at my notes. Both great guys and world class racers.

Flathead Jedd said...

I just lay the bait out there to see if your still alive. Being that you gave no response on the earlier post where I'm trying to identify a racer, I just assumed you had passed from this earth. Since your alive how about identifying the racer from the other post!

drsprocket said...

Jedd, I wish I could but all my resources are in boxes. I'm in the middle of moving from where I've lived for close to 30 years to my last stronghold on this planet. Where did all this s--t come from. my old house is on the market and my new one is in need of some personizing. the dust won't settle till after Dixon. I've noted the particulars though.