Saturday, February 23, 2008

What is a "bobber"?

Ok. I'll ask the question. What is a "bobber"? The term is used quite a bit these days and seems to have lost some meaning. I was in my local Harley dealership today and heard a customer say to his friend, "Hey that's the new Harley bobber." Huh? How can it be a "new" bobber? The bike they were referring to is the new Cross Bones. A Softail Springer with flat paint and some vintage inspired ideas, but a bobber? So what is a bobber? I have my own opinion as do the other Wing Nuts, but we have some pretty similar ideas. It seems to me that anything that is a budget built bike these days is called a bobber. I tend to feel this is used way too liberally. To me a bobber is a rigid framed, stripped down utilitarian motorcycle. It should be no newer than the mid 1950's and for the most part it should have parts removed, not added. Let me know what you think.

Flathead Jedd

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Triumph Bobber

The Derby

As we get closer and closer to March 16th, I'm really looking forward to the ride and show. I hope you all are too. I have not received too much feedback regarding attendance. Like I've said before, it's happening no matter what, but I would like to know how much food I should be getting and other such logistical matters. It should be a good time. I'm hearing rumblings about who's coming and it sound like it will be an amazing lineup of bikes. The ride route is really scenic and for those that haven't ridden through the Angeles Crest area are in for a treat. I keep getting comments from our friends back east and in the midwest on how pissed they are that we can actually ride all year round here in So Cal. Sorry, don't be mad. We'll post pictures. See ya at the Derby.


Yellow Jackets MC Palo Alto, CA

Yellow Jackets MC Palo Alto, CA

San Jose Motorcycle Club "The Dons"

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wing Nut Derby

Well here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for. Our show is on. On Sunday March 16th we will be having our first Wing Nut Derby. The event will take place at Four Aces Cycle Supply in Pacoima, CA. The exact address is 12734 Branford St. For those not in the know, Pacoima is in the north-east corner of the San Fernando Valley. The show and ride are open to pre 1960 motorcycles, preferably bobbers, period customs and race bikes, but stockers will be accepted if that's all you got;) If you don't have an early bike, come on out anyway and enjoy the show. There will be plenty of motorcycle parking available. The ride leaves from Four Aces promptly at 9AM and is a scenic trip up and through the Angeles Crest area. The ride ends back at Four Aces where our little show will begin at around Noon. We will have BBQ's going and an open house at Four Aces Cycle Supply. Please spread the word and encourage your friends with vintage bikes to attend. If you think you are coming please comment on our blog so we can get an idea on the ammount of supplies we need to get. The cost of this day of fun is nothing, but anything you can bring to cook on the BBQ would be appreciated.

Hope to see you and your bike there.