Saturday, May 22, 2010

1948 Triumph T100 Tiger For Sale?

It kills me to say this, but I think my 1948 T100 is for sale. The FLANDERS RISERS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Sorry I promised them to Wes if I ever sold the bike. I'm not sure how much, so if you are truly interested send me an email at I don't mind shipping out of the US of A but it would be at your cost. Email me with questions.



Motorcycle Covers said...

Nice post with quality photos.

Anonymous said...

Saw this bike today. Very cool and
very dirty. Any chance of getting
it detailed before sale?

The Neatnik
AKA Dirty Melon

Anonymous said...

Lovely bike. In fact I have the same one, stuck in a garage in Italy, due to beaurocracy. I need to register it and I am missing the complete set of specs. Do you happen to have them?
Thanks in advance