Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little help....again. Ohio Racers

Ok once again I call upon the masses to help identify these riders. Specifically the middle rider. All's I know is this. Post war evident by the Hudson in the background, so at least 48. Possibly into the early 50's. This is also in Ohio. The riders participated in hillclimbs and flat track. This one is important so please help to identify these fellers.



drsprocket said...

The middle rider is Harry Braun. Everyone knows that. The other two guys are his friends. Do I win a prize?

Flathead Jedd said...

Thanks Doc. Do you have any more info? I'm trying to research anything you may know about Harry Braun. He apparently is the grandfather to a friend and she's trying to find out more about him, so any other info you may have would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, no prize.