Sunday, May 16, 2010

1939 Oakland Racers

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drsprocket said...

This photo captures some of the heaviest hitters in racing at that moment in time. Kretz, Magri, Arena, and Braithwait go without saying. Some may not be so familiar with Paul Bigsby who made all the patterns for the Crocker motorcycles and made some of the first electric guitars and his famous whammy bar. Mario Stillo was killed at the Galt track in 1947 and was a hell of a racer from Chico. Last but not least Major Cy Homer of Sacramento who shot down over 20 zeros with his P-38 in the South Pacific. That's an Ace 4 times over. He also rode the memorial lap for Mario the next weekend at Galt with crossed checkered flags on his handlebars. Cy was one hell of a racer too. Indian scout his weapon of choice. All true heros.