Sunday, May 30, 2010

1947 Triumph 3TU Experimental

After an email about this bike, I did a little research on my own. I still don't know much about it but found this pretty good pic. Looks like a 300 of sorts with Indian style body work. Anyone know anything about these? Where any produced? Do any exist?


philonwheels said...

The 3TU was designed by Edward Turner as a cheap 'n' cheerful utility machine. The prototype was built after the Second World War but by then the engine design had been superceded by the more familiar Turner ohv parallel twin. In any case, the utility market was covered by Villiers engined two-strokes and the BSA group's Bantam. Only one machine exists. It was left derelict at the factory for many years, until a Bristol Triumph dealer bought it from the Meriden Co-Operative who were so desperate for cash they'd sell anything. The dealer restored the bike and I think it's a runner. I saw it at a street show in Bristol a few years ago - it's really quite small, like a kid's bike. I believe it is now in the London Motorcycle Museum, but it may have mooved on. I do have some photographs from Bristol, but they're prints, not digital, if anybody is interested.

Unknown said...

There is a restored model in the National Motorbike Museum in Birmingham, West Midlands and is a great place to visit.