Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Wing Nut History

Many people have sent emails asking for the history of the Wing Nuts MC, so today I will share it with you. In the early 1940's a group of young men residing in the Los Angeles area were anxiously waiting their eighteenth birthday to join the military and fight against the Germans. These guys grew up together, went to school together and rode motorcycles together. Their names were James Ryan, Jim Miller and Mike Horvath. Upon reaching their 18th birthday they enlisted in the Army, did their basic training together at Ft Benning, Georgia. After Basic Training they were shipped of to Scotland for more training as they had all volunteered for the Rangers. This was the first time the boys had left the US or California for that matter.
On D-day the boys served honorably climbing Pointe Du Hoc and clearing the way for the troops coming ashore. They continued to serve, until all were eventually wounded. Not big injuries, just slightly "winged." It was enough to get them shipped home after a short stay in an Army Hospital. It was the first time they had all seen each other since Point du Hoc. They were joined at the hip from that day forward. James had gotten a hold of a XA military Harley and the three of them used it therapeutically while in the hospital. Everyone there referred to them as the "winged nuts" for their minor injuries and crazy behavior. Upon arriving back in Los Angeles, they started up riding and racing again, now under the name Wing Nuts. They chose the colors of black and yellow in honor of the Ranger tab of the same color. James Ryan went on to be a minor success in the local race scene at Ascot, Bonnelli Stadium and the like. Jim Miller went on to have a very successful bike shop in the San Fernando Valley, building custom bobbers for returning GIs. Mike Horvath hopped on his old VL and rode east never to be seen again. He sends me email once in a while although his family swears he died in a motorcycle accident in 1958. The modern Wing Nuts carry on the proud traditions of the past Nuts. Even Flathead Jedd's bike belong to Jim Miller after the war and was given to him by the family after Jim's death in 2001.

The above story is completely fictitious, spewing from the warped mind of Flathead Jedd. But who knows years from now it may become accepted fact as do many things posted on the internet. Because after all if someone took the time to write it, it must be true!



drsprocket said...

You have a fertile imagination young man. I loved every sentence. Your best work to date. Now here's a personal plug about yesterday, the 4th. My father landed at Normandy on D-6, still hot. He and three of his brothers went all the way to Berlin, including the Battle of the Bulge. He was with Patton most of the time. All four survived. I lost three of them including Dad three years ago. This is for them. I try to ride his bought new 1974 90/6 Beemer (all original) at least once a week. Here's to you Howard, Clendon, Jerry, and Dad. Long may she wave! Rich (DaNang 1969)

Flathead Jedd said...


Cpt Flathead Jedd
USAR, IN (Ret)

Grumbler said...

I originally assumed that the Wing Nuts M/C consisted of Gold Wing enthuastics. ;^)

Flathead Jedd said...

Thems fightin' words Grumbler!

Chris K said...

Good story. I'm off to Hollywood to make a pitch.

American motorcycles said...

Flathead Jedd, loved your story. Facts and fiction, hey they both belongs to each other.
Old motorcycles are art, and when I drive my old bikes I am always using my imagination to bring me "back then". The old motorcycle`s of mine are my time machines.