Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sharks MC

Now available from NLAMC, this special edition Vintage Club Collection Sharks MC sweater. A chance to own a club sweater from one of the original SO Cal clubs. Check it out at the NLAMC blog.

3 comments: said...

There are still 2 original Sharks around. I know one who holds the rights to the patch and logo. These shouldn't be available to the public.

Flathead Jedd said...

I love to talk with a Shark. Is Jack Jordan still around? I have been asking for information for years trying to find and document some Sharks history other than what is in the Boozefighter book. Please have someone contact me at As for the patch and logo. We never try to step on someone's feet. We are trying to preserve history not profit from it. Again have someone contact me to discuss it.


Anonymous said...

Jack is still around, I will send on your email address. Thanks for getting back so soon.
My email is actually I do really like your website.