Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boozefighter Excursion

Very cool picture of some of the BFMC out for a ride. Stopping off for a beer. If any of you are like me and I know you are, after you are done oogling the bikes, you look deeper into the picture. I like to check out the fashions, both of the bikes and the riders. You know, make sure my "period" bike is correct. Make sure the clothing we are making at NLAMC is correct. But after that I look past the foreground and try and identify the location, the business, etc. Well this one paid off for me. As I'm looking at the hand written caption around the photo, two things caught my eye. "Rockstore" and "Mint Cyn" I immediately said to myself, "cool the rock store. a SoCal landmark we all know it." Then upon looking closer, I realized it was not the Calabasas Rock Store, but it sure looked familiar. Then there was "Mint Cyn." Wait I know Mint Cyn. There's a road around my house called that and then it clicked. The area of Mint Cyn is now called Agua Dulce. It's just down the road from my place. And the building is "Le Chen" a Fancy French restaurant on Sierra Hwy. (Yes a French place called "The Dog!") It's still there. Original building not too much has changed. So yes, you can bet your ass I'll be riding over there and taking a picture in front of the place and park my UL where heroes of the past did the same and I'll soak up some of the karma.



chessie said...

GOD...I love what you guys do....I wanna be you when I die and and come back....or maybe your UL?

Chris K said...

Cool Photo. The bike with the windshield is a military WLA. Note the head light and horn location and style. The other bike right center might be a 45 too. I see a finned head and no down tube at this angle. Note that it and the Indian Scout at the right have the same custom kick pedal. It looks like three headless people are looking out the window?

Anonymous said...

Le Chenne = The hound.

In the 50's this place had a fire
and was abandoned... The red/white
then partied in the ruins.. Since then it has been rebuilt...

Blind Melon

Flathead Jedd said...

Pardon my French, Blind Melon. Thanks for the history lesson. I believe you can see the roof from your spread, you blind bastard.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can, and thank you!

Seldom Seen Melon