Sunday, July 5, 2009

Boozefighters and Yellow Jackets Field Meet Jan 18, 1948

You want 40s SoCal motorcycle scene? Well here it is! In the pack we have a Galloping Goose, a Yellow Jacket and a Boozefighter. I'm also diggin' what looks like a Chevy with just a cowl, hood and grill. Hot Rod!


oldcharlie said...

Holy crap, that looks fun.

epinut said...

Yes, very cool! Also check out the -36 fordor with custom grill...

stag party jackets said...

where can i get a striped sweater like that one?

Flathead Jedd said...

Stag, I know exactly where you can get one....the NLAMC! We have a batch in the works. Should be done in a few weeks. Check with us.

surfdude said...

dr.sprocket - give me the history lesson again. what other clubs were around right after the war - norcal and l.a.?

drsprocket said...

Ken, that you out there in cyberspace? South, just a few were the Galloping Goose, Yellowjackets, 13 Rebels, Boozefighters, The Bombers, Hells Angels (1948), L.A.45's, Compton Roughriders, Market Street Commandos, Winos, Satans Daughters, Pissed-Off Bastards Of Bloomington, Satans Sinners, Sharks, The North Hollywood Crotch Cannibals, Jackrabbits, Hollywood Three Pointers, Gypsy, and more. North, Fort Sutter, Auburn Snakeeyes, San Jose Dons, Capitol City, Top Hatters, Stockton, San Francisco, and many more had MC after their name. Short list.

Flathead Jedd said...

Here's the thing boys. I need pictures of all those clubs the Doc named off. Find em1 I want to see sweaters and jerseys and know what colors they were. On a personal note the North Hollywood Crotch Cannibals is my favorite. There was also the Cherry Chasers and the 20 Nite Owls.

surfdude said...

yep - me. had been raining since i saw you in maine but finally clearing up, so the flathead will be out all weekend. will try to scan some of dave's pics of the tumbleweed mc in late 40's.

awesome list - the doctor knows all.

surfdude said...

found these:

galloping goose

13 rebels - on falcon site

and their homepage


riverside bombers

and this guy Gene Lindley was a member. maybe has info? - email HYGENE@Juno.COM

salinas ramblers

compton roughriders - just mentioned in del's writeup

market street commandos

pissed off bastards of bloomington


san jose dons

capitol city - lots of pictures Pictures&page=0

top hatters - good pics but better ask first

sfmc - check out the clippings in the library

what about red fred for some picture, doc?

Flathead Jedd said...

Surfdude, you've been a busy boy! Thanks

Dirt GGMC said...

Which one is the Galloping Goose and how can you tell.

Flathead Jedd said...

Mr Dirt the Goose is to the front and left of the Boozefighter. It was all notated on the original photo.