Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here endith the ride.

Well I just got home on our Wing Nuts ride to the beach. It was a nice change from our usual ride. Not to mention a change from the triple digit weather. First stop was at the famous Rock Store. Lots of douches there as usual, but I did get to see Juan Parker. Always a pleasure. From there it was up an over the coastal mountains, dropping down on Pacific Coast Hwy. Then a little jaunt over to Neptune's Net for fried sea food at county line. After lunch, back south on the Coast Hwy to Topanga. Half way back up over the hill it got hot. Really Hot! Africa Hot! Keep going until we reached the center of hot hell back in the SFV. Good time had by all (I hope). No major mechanical issues. We missed you Wes. Dave who? Thanks to all that came. See you next time.



Big Scott said...

i will be at the next ride for sure, sounds like you guys had a blast. big scott

Anonymous said...

Starbucks, Rockstore, Neptunes net?
all places I would never go to, Till now, it's not the locations it's the ride and who your with that makes it enjoyable.
Thanks for a great ride, Kit