Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One last early shifter

the THORO!


Chris K said...

No,no,no. Please more!

Is that a wooden peg on that thing?

Sometimes I wonder, did Harley ever come up with something their self?

drsprocket said...

Chris, looks like a piece of that old rubber hose w/the cord showing and the red rubberliner inside.

Irish Rich said...

It's the same stuff on the peg that B&H used. Drsprocket hit it.

Flathead Jedd said...

I'd like one of any of the ratchet rigs shown. A B&H just sold for $305 on ebay today. If anyone has one that they would part with for around a buck twenty five, let me know.

Irish Rich said...

B&H's shift r e a l l y s l o w.

They have a horizontal sliding bar inside with notches, that beveled bars in a "v" configuration (that are moved by the shift lever), that slides the bar back and forth.

The footshift lever throw between gear changes is really long, I think you can shift faster with a tank shift top and gated tank lever.

$300. for a B&H seems pretty high to me. I can still find them at swap meets for a hundred or less, depending on the completeness. And, you can only use them with a gate tranny top.

stag party jackets said...

ill look around for you jed. i might know where some are. in any case, they are almost always missing parts but that can be fixed. ive heard there are 3 different applications but ive only seen one in the flesh. billy :)