Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Floyd Emde Indian

As many of you know Wes and I have a small side business with the NLAMC. We recently had the honor of reproducing the race jersey worn by Floyd Emde during his 1948 Daytona 200 win. We were commissioned by his son Don for this project and reproduced two jerseys. One will stay with the family and Don's repro bike and the other will be on display with the original in Florida at J&P Cycle. This to us is awesome! It also got me thinking a little, so stand by for some words. Our goal when we started this club was simple, to preserve and celebrate this era of motorcycling. We liked the style, the bikes and the people. I'm very happy with what we have done and it seems that others are too. I love hosting the site and with the help of our friends like Dr Sprocket, Rick and all the others that contribute, I think we have created a nice little "community" here. We are trying to preserve history. Same for the NLAMC. To be apart of motorcycle race history like with the Emde jersey and helping to keep the history alive is very satisfying for us. The reason I'm saying all this is because we really appreciate you visiting our site. I wanted to let you know that it's not just a photo collection site, but there are guys behind it that appreciate you. Keep sending us pictures, keep commenting on the photos (I've learned more over the past couple of years than I ever knew) and keep building and riding those bikes!

Wing Nuts Motorcycle Club


Knuckle Buster said...

I'm new to your blog (thanks to Guy at Greasy Kultre). I love the pictures and the goal of the site. It's great to see that there are others out there with the same passion and interest in bikes, history and people from (in my opinion) the greatest chapter in motorcycling history.

drsprocket said...

Jedd, Well said my friend. Thank you for the forum to pass on to another generation the history we learned from the one before us. To help straighten out misinformation and old wife's tales so that future generations will have the true story. And to prove our parent's wrong when they said, "you'll go to hell in a handbasket hanging around those greasy motorcycle bums. It has proven to be right choice. Rich P.S. Thanks to Irish Rich, Dave, Chris, and more for filling in the gaps for some of us who are still learning.

Ina said...

This is awesome!