Saturday, March 28, 2009


Anybody notice anything strange? Hint, check out the engine. Perhaps the front cylinder. No cheatin' bastards!


drsprocket said...

Did you notice the 19" early VL wheels, or the real 1' shorter factory TT oil bag, or that the trans is raised 1", how about left and right tank shifters (can't see the otherside I know), and the XA front fork? This machine was built by my friend Dale and ridden these days by his son Matt. It was built to ride the Titus Canyon run in Death Valley every October. The sign at the entrance states no support after this marker. My friends Rocky and Mike had to stay in the canyon overnight due to a broken frame and injury one year. It was so cold they had to bury themselves. They were rescued the next day. Sorry, I almost forgot. What about the front cylinder Jedd?

Flathead Jedd said...

I believe it's a VL cylinder and all that other stuff you said.