Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Molded Blue Bagger

Again later than usually posted but I found a link to some very cool 60's customs. I like them because the style is very Watson/Barris late 50's car styling applied to FLHs. Again, almost an offspring of custom bikes, but away from the chopper craze. If nothing else they are cool old pictures. I'll post a few now and then.


drsprocket said...

Car radio antenna, car horns and mirrors. it's just missing the two extra wheels. Love the paint job.

Flathead Jedd said...

If you look closely on the Tanks and the bags the white painted parts are molded and peaked. The bike was heavy enough, but add all that filler and wow!

Chris K said...

I saw the post on the Nostalgia on wheels blog. Mucho Eye Candie. They are very cool in their own custom way. The couples out fits are something else too. I did notice that these CA "Dressers" were not over done with excessive lights, ornaments, and tail pieces like many eastern bikes.

By the way, I think it's more proper to call the nice old ones a "Full Dresser" or"Dresser". ;)

I guess "Molded Blue Dresser" doesn't work as well.

I'm just not real crazy about the term "Bagger". Maybe cause it's used soooo much today, like Bobber is. It kind of conjures up one of Harley's newer touring models. It's all fun though.