Sunday, September 27, 2009

Period Perfect Triumph Bobber

This bike was spotted at El Camino. I've seen it around and really enjoy it. Story is that all the modifications were done by the owner, when he bought it new in 50 or 51. It's got the good stuff, Flanders bars and nacelle risers (rare), Bates P-Pad, MCM (?)Pipes and Cocktail Shakers with removable end caps, PK Tail Light, Sprung Hub. The only thing missing is a Flanders Battery Box Cover. By the way, I'm looking for one.


bastard said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Head,

What is a bobber? Please
explain. I hear this term
a lot.

Flathead Jedd said...

I'm not falling into your evil trap you bastard. I have my opinion of what a bobber is and I've shared it before. I have given in to the masses. A bobber is what you want it to be. By the way, I do consider this Triumph to be a bobber.

TonUp said...

Rat bike bliss! I love it when you see a bike like this and all the arguments start up. Purists would shit their pants at the site of this bike...personally I love it. You could always go to the other extreme and create a Triumph Bobber like these created by SuperCrouton. I wants it!