Sunday, May 17, 2009

Von Dutch Chopper

This Triumph just sold on ebay for around $3200. It's a Von Dutch creation with authentication and the like. Does this seem low to anyone else? Has the Von Dutch craze ended? I might have actually bought this bike if I had any idea it would go so cheap. A few years ago this thing would have gone for five figures. It just goes to show, you never know. So keep hitting the swap meets and looking in the barns, cuz there still are good finds out there. Just share the wealth!



Show and Go Cycle Shop said...

I think it went to five grand the first time he listed it a couple months ago? I think the low bids reflects the overall condition. You obviously can't restore a Dutched peice and the dumb ass that owned it all these years neglected it badly. He F-'d up.

Chris K said...

Must have snuck by the collectors. Hell, one of Dutch's screw drivers fetched that kind of money at the Brucker auction.