Thursday, May 21, 2009

Triumphant Resurrection of Jason's 52 Triumph

Wingnuts friend Jason has got his 52 Triumph up and running. According to the email it seems as though he's put a few miles on the beast already. Jason we really hope to see you and your bike at the next ride.


missinglink said...

Nice work , that`s a lovely bike.

philonwheels said...

Really neat - I particularly like the combination of late-type front wheel with full-width brake and early rigid frame. Those headlight brackets are a nice period touch too. It would be interesting to know what has been done to the motor - any hot parts?

Anonymous said...

nothing really to the motor, Fresh rebuild nos .20 over 7:1 comp pistons, bonnie cams and a Bob Newby racing belt drive. Tranny is close ratio and running a 19 tooth sprocket. Now broken in I hit 95 mph the other night....Might be a long time before I am back in Cali with the bike, as I am from Alberta.

Thanks for posting the pictures.