Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Challenge

Here's the challenge. Are you paying attention Doc? This bike is chocked full of oddities. What are they and give me some history on them. I won't even pretend to know, cuz I don't.


Chris K said...

Most of the stuff doesn't seem unusual to me. The biggest oddity that stands out is the rare optional right side tank shift. I heard they did that to comfort converted Indian riders. You don't see many on the right other than on some Servi-cars.

Looks to have one of those roll up windshields that the doc likes.

Doc probably knows where the wheel trim is from.

Anonymous said...

Here's another question, was the
right hand shift an options for regular customers or just for government agencies who were trying
to limit their fleet to Indians?

drsprocket said...

Jedd,First that's an ugly rain front coming in from the right. Second, I don't believe that's a Hanson windshield, They didn't have the bead around the plastic like Buco. Non-HD spots. Right hand shifts were just a customer option. Don't see them that often but I see them around. Non-stock muffler. Love the sheepskin seatcover. Have never seen that particular front wheel trim ring, could be automotive (some were adapted over (16" wheels). Looks like an air pump attached to the rear crash bar too. Hope he had his rain gear.

Chris K said...

I was going to guess an automotive wheel cover because the fit isn't very good.

Anonymous said...

My friend have the complete original sessions of these photos. He give me four pictures for my birthday. The guy make a coast to coast in 1947.
Great pictures and historical testimony.
(Sorry for mistake, my american is not very good)
Charles (from France)