Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leo Anthony I believe

A few observations about this mount. Two front down tubes, a hand clutch and a foot shift. Very fancy for 1946.


AC&C said...

im confused. what bike is this?

drsprocket said...

Billy, it's a way cool 45" HD with a neat custom front frame half added on. Never seen any thing like it. The rear legs are stock but the front is homebuilt. No side car loops, etc. plus tubing size shows it didn't come off a big twin. Check the front tank mounts. Tell Mike Kane I said hello next time you see him. hope all's well with you and the Pan. Rich

MattWalksler said...

Dr. Sprocket,

Very cool indeed! However, this is actually a factory built machine. Pohlman Studios (H-D's photographers for years and years) dug up a few of negatives with both Leo Anthony and Jimmy Chann riding these. Don't know if there were one or two. On the back of the picture the model listed was WRL. Neck was adapted from a double downtube DAH hillclimber. Pretty slick