Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kick it baby!

This bring up an old debate. What is the right way to kick start a bike? (If you do know what kick starting a bike is you may be on the wrong site.) Side mount or Straddle? Which is correct? I side mount, what do you do? This is an informal WNMC survey. It's all in the name of science, so leave your vote.


drsprocket said...

Jedd, the proper way is the straddle, but sometimes you can't get enough stoke (short leg, slipping clutch, different kicker gear ratio like Indians) so the side kick does it. Either way as long as you get it started. For those with challenged charging systems (AKA non-functioning) it's the push start. Doc P.S. I voted both.

Richie said...

You know, I prefer to do it from the side....I feel like I can get my leg out of the way faster in the event of the thing kicking back on me.
Of course, with my wimpy little Triumph, I can "kick" it over with my I don't think my vote counts.

Anonymous said...

A big inch hi comp. HD is the only think I have to start from the side.

A good friend of mine starts his stock 74 Shovel with his hand. Lucky for him, it has never kicked back. Kicker-elbow, that would be a new one.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to straddle all my dirt bikes cause it works. But I side kick my sportster because I can get more stroke and speed and thats always a good thing!

Anonymous said...

My little flathead just starts itself. Ha, ha, There is no such
thing a correct. But, I will say
if you're in a hurry to depart the
scene, straddling is the fastest.
Sometime you just need to get the
Hell outta Dodge quick. Like when
someone accidentially gets stuck on
someones knife. It could happen!

This is also why 1%ers ALWAYS park their bikes with the front end towards the exit. Did ya notice?

Anonymous said...

When a bike is cold I find it much easier to start from the side. If it's warmed up I'll straddle start.

LUCKY said...

To many choices! Depends on if I'm in a hurry I'll straddle but if my legs or knees are killin me I'll kick with the other!

Anonymous said...

With a buddy seat, I use a side mount position. Because of the saddle width, the side mount seems to "git 'er done" more effectively. I have 4 Knuckles, 3 of which have solo seats. I guess it just depends what you are most comfortable with.

Flatironmike said...

side mount kicking with the left foot.

no apologies.