Saturday, February 14, 2009

Green Pan


Sidecar Roy said...

Anybody know where the old superstition that a green bike (or chopper or Harley?)is bad luck comes from?

BTW Coolest Blog I've found on the net.


Sidecar Roy said...

I've got lots of pre and post war era pics to share, from here in KY, but being computer retarded I'm at a loss as to how to post them. Would like to become a member (maybe a little presumptious). I'm building a 48 pan-bob and trying to do it in a period correct way. Would like all the help and info I can get. HELP!

BTW Jedd. Saw you bike in the Horse a long time ago and it really stuck with me. Cool shit!

Thanks, Roy

Flathead Jedd said...

Roy, The way it has always been told to me about green being bad luck for racing cars and bikes is as follows. Traditionally British racing vehicle have traditionally been green. In fact there was a color called "British Racing Green." There was a bad streak in British racing that was credited to the color. Hence the superstition. As for the pics you are more than welcome to email them to us or snail mail and we would be glad to post them. We'd also love to help guide you through your build by any advise that can be given. As for being a member we are pretty localised and made up of "buddies" that ride together. You are more than welcome to be a Wing Nut supporter. Just be a blog follower and your in.