Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a slightly different style

Since Jedd is out of town and basically called us out i decided to sign on with Wes' help since i cant post for myself and add a few bikes that i really enjoy. These bikes were built only a few years after the ones that Jedd posts all the time, but show the new direction bike builders were taking. Hope you enjoy




This bike was built around 1957 in Montibello California by a guy named Vince Calia. The motor was stroked to 80"s,the heads were ported and polished and set up to run dual amal carbs , the frame was raked and an XA springer was used. The tanks are chopped 45 tanks. This bike was truly ahead of its time.


This bike is one of my favorite bikes ever built and hands down the coolest panhead ever. The bike was built Dick Hirschberg in Hollywood ,Ca. It was printed in the feb. 1960 issue on Hot Rod magazine which means it had to have been built in the late 50's i think i heard it was 58.

Jedd might have already posted this picture, but oh well i love it. And it fits in perfectly with the rest of the blog. Sonny Barger on his first bike a bobbed out knucklehead

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