Friday, October 16, 2009

A few more from Topanga 1953

For any in the know have we been able to verify if this is indeed Crater Camp?


kj7sk said...

No, this was near Topango Canyon and Mulholland Dr.
Crater Camp was further to the NW

Douglas Watson said...

This is the Crater Camp venue circa 1953. Previously, the event was held at Crater Camp Boy Scout camp farther up in the Santa Monica Mountains and was a field-meet event. The scout camp was a beautiful location with a stream running through it. By 1953, with many more entries, the location was changed to the one pictured, but still called "Crater Camp." Located nearer Highway 101 and not far off Las Virgenes Road; probably a half mile East down the unpaved Warner Brother's Ranch Road, that can be seen in the pictures. Also the event format was changed to a scrambles; field meets, although great for spectators, no longer being practical locally. A well-known event at the time about which many tales could be told.
Douglas Watson

Flathead Jedd said...

Douglas you seem quite knowledgeable. Please email mail me at I'd love to pick your brain a little.


TouringComet said...

Asked a few other people that were there in the day, and they said both Crater Camp and Crater Bowl were off of Malibu Canyon. One mentioned the stream running through it. I asked whether Crater Camp/Bowl moved to Tujunga at some point, and they didn't recall that, but maybe it did.