Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack "Shark" Jordan

Through the NLAMC I made a Sharks sweater and posted it up a while back. Guess some folks saw it and thought we were trying to take advantage of someone. Nothing could be further from the truth. We just thought that since the Sharks were no longer around and very little existed on their history, we'd try to help preserve it. I just got off the phone with Jack Jordan and we talked it all out. I explained some stuff. He explained some stuff. We then had a great conversation about the Sharks MC, 40s clubs, bikes, Wing Nuts and the NLAMC. Jack is a good guy! A true gentleman. We talked for about 45 minutes. Bench racing and shooting the shit. I feel I've gained a friend and I know he has gained a friend in me. We plan on meeting up next time I'm in Nor Cal so we can finish the conversation. So please don't perpetuate the anger. It's been worked out by all parties involved. And by the way, the Sharks Sweater is no longer for sale.



Anonymous said...

It is simply damage that try to preserve the history of the 40's-50's MC (by republishing jackets, colors…)can be understand like this!!!!! Personally I find the step admirable!!!!
Fact by impassioned for impassioned.
I hope that NLAMC crew will continue to republish sweaters and others. It's really great!!!!!

Charles (from France)

drsprocket said...

Jedd, Don't take it to heart my friend. Those that understand do, those that don't don't. I don't have time for the latter and never have. Down the road, Doc

Jim (YJMC) said...

FHJ it is guys like you that make it so people can enjoy history. Those who complain are the same ones that complain if nothing is done. Of course they find it easiest to do the complaining from the couch. Inactivity is their banner and complaining their motto. I thank God for you and your organization. PRESS ON AND LET THE DIRT FLY!