Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eddie Ryan Harley Davidson Shop

Eddie Ryan's shop and the "gang" in the late 20's. Pretty cool picture. Do you think they were holding X games behind the shop with the giant half pipe made out of dirt?


drsprocket said...

Jedd, To bad that shop was flattened for redevelopement in the mid-sixties. Being late in 1929 you see the twin lighted JD's and in the very center the just released to Eddie, two first VL's with single headlights and the first round horns mounted below. Eddie was "The Motorcycle Man". He sold Excelsior's for Schwinn from the teen's till the factory closed in 1931. He was a hell of a hillclimber also. Way cool photo.

Flathead Jedd said...

Good to know you are still out there Doc. Haven't heard from you in a while. Thought you were mad at me.

drsprocket said...

Jedd, Never mad, not enough time left to be. Working on my hotrod '49 chevy p/u. "MONSTER" inline 6 cyl. Truck looks stock, it's NOT. Keep up the good work. Down the road, Doc

Anonymous said...

Angry?..NOT Mad, as in mad as a hatter??? You bet your A$$. But
it's a good thing....... By the way
I was in the building talking to Bob Ross in like, 1970 or 71. The
thing that suprises me is the other
brick 3 stories that are missing in
this photo.... They got knocked down too. And we lost the Ferry to
Terminal island. All in the early

Totally Sane Chitlin

philonwheels said...

Going on what the last contributor has said, it would be interesting to see some later photos of the shop. Were there other buildings in the street in later years?
As it stands, the bike shop seems to exist in some sort of industrial wasteland. I wonder what those structures (the giant half pipe)behind the shop were - they look like the foundations of a railroad viaduct.

Unknown said...

The Eddie Ryan motorcycle photo was my grandfather shop as a kid spent may a day hanging out there.

Thanks for the memories