Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tales of Hollister 1947

This story come to us from Jason, who is a good friend of the site. It's a good story told by Jim "JQ" Quattlebaum (Boozefighter) as told to him by Ed "Red Dog" Dahlgreen.

Red Dog is recognized as one of the original group of men who established the Boozefighters back in 1946. He was the "jail bird" that thirty or forty bikers were to have allegedly broke out of the Hollister, California jail on the fourth of July weekend, 1947. Willie Forkner pleaded with the mob to let it go. "Ole Red's drunk and needs to sleep it off."

Red Dog had another version of this story that he shared before his death. He stated that he had drank a couple of beers, but wasn't intoxicated. "I came back down town from the race track, and the main drag was packed and blocked off." Gill Armas was exhibiting his skills at burning donuts in the street, others were slow racing and, in general, it was one big planned side show going on. So, I took a short cut through an alley, and the back door of Johnny's Bar, then out onto the sidewalk. The curb was packed with parked bikes, so I rode along the sidewalk looking for a spot. Low and behold, along came a couple of Barney fifes type of cops. They took one look at me riding along the sidewalk, and before I could explain they slapped the cuffs on my wrists and marched me off to the pokey. I think they booked me for reckless driving or illegal parking. The heck of it was -Jim Cameron had his Indian Scout parked against the bar inside Johnny's, and they didn't to a thing about that."

Thanks so much Jason

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