Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage Cuban race winner

Based on the fact that this is Cuba, I would say this picture and race winner are circa 1985! Nice Pepsi sponsorship.


Anonymous said...


1985???? Castro would have had
a fit. Maybe 1955??

Still Blind Melon.

Oh, Look again at the photo below.
It sure looks like a swing arm bike. And look at the Flathead stuff on anohter bitchen site. There are hints on what you do to
get flathead power..

Waaaaaahhhhhh, Outta Here!

drsprocket said...

Blind Melon is indeed blind. That looks like a Vincent to me. check front forks, front brakes, tank, primary cover barrel offset, etc. Surely pre-bay of Pigs(early 60's). He's right there. Can't believe I said that.

Anonymous said...

The date was a joke being that there is an embargo and the newest Harleys are circa 57. FHJ