Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leo Anthony Tanks

Matt Walksler from Wheels Through Time was kind enough to share some photos of the tanks from Leo Anthony's race bike. Unfortunately this is all that remains. Thanks Matt. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

You alway hold back the good stuff,
don't you Jedd! So do I. Remember
age and deceit and how that works?

Well at least you gave up a little
more. You are very inscrutable,round eyes!

Charley Chan Melon

drsprocket said...

Matt, Rich (Sacto, Norcal), why don't you and Dakota Matt and the other Carolina Matt come ride the PA run in Sept? It'll be 5 yrs. running I've came back and you haven't shown. I've been to D.V. enough. Dale and Carl can mind the shops (or come too). Rich P.S. Thanks Jedd.

Anonymous said...

what's the story with all the bungs?

Anonymous said...

These things remain but his spirit n dedication lives on.

someone very close to him

Anonymous said...

Leo Anthony Jr. was still racing old #23 as late as 15 years ago at the Daytona vintage races. Believe me there is more than a set of tanks left on Leo Sr's bike.
The were racing under the name Cheap shot racing.