Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happt St Paddys Day!


Sidecar Roy said...

Jedd, I hate to be the one to tell you, but using the term Paddy on St Patrick's Day is just about as offensive as saying Nigger on MLK day. Paddy was a derogatory name the english used to put down the Irish.


Flathead Jedd said...

It's a derivitive of Patrick and a common nickname in Ireland. No offense meant. The Cronans in Tipperary don't have a problem with it. Not like I called someone a poxy bastard.

Anonymous said...

The language police are alive and well (alive and GOOD!) ASSWELL?
Our research indicates the snakes
had a major problem with S.P.'s
snake a cide..........

All the Best,
Blind F'n Melon
Erin Go Brach

Sidecar Roy said...

Well fellas, say what you want, not trying to piss in anyones cornflakes. When I lived in the west of Ireland in 2003 and on St. Patricks Day used above said moniker, eyes glared and I was corrected. Maybe because I was American and there, instead of one Mick in a hundred Americans. Strength in numbers.

Way to go Any-mouse, ur comment doesn't even make much sense! And way to hide ur identity. At least some of us have the guts to stand up and announce ourselves! Hahaha jokes on you.

Snake story is obviously just a myth, and Irish will tell you the importance of St. Pat is that he brought and taught the concept of the Trinity to a bunch of heatherns. And while on the word police kick, its Erin Go Bragh. All of which is a bad phonetic translation of Irish anyway. Kind of like JFK sayin I am a Donut in German.

Just passin on Info.

Sidecar Roy said...

BTW, wasn't even offended myself. Appearently I've done a good job of pissin someone else off tho. Seems to be my forte. Hate this online war of words shit. I'll just remove myself and make everyone happy.