Wednesday, February 16, 2011

California Accessories? Yes she is.

I love this and it's a theme I've seen many times over the years in both the car and motorcycle world. The California Accessories. All the cool kids want them. Irony is all the bolt on Coney Island parade accessories are now sought out by the Cali crowd.


drsprocket said...

Jedd, B&D was an H-D dealer in New Jersey that went out of business because H-D wanted them to turn into another H-D boutique in the early 80's I believe. really cool shop and a really neat old m/c rider named George gave me a bunch of old promo stuff from B&D. George was the one who told me it's bobjob not bobber. He said bobbers are for fishing. Also I know nothing about California Accessories.P.S. There's a thread on the AMCA forum right now on B&D.

Anonymous said...

Cali, ???? Columbia, ????
Cocain capital, ???? Bottom line
"Cali" sounds like un hip crap.

Get out of my State!
We were here first...Get out!

F'n commies!

Pissed Off Melon,

Flathead Jedd said...

It's not so much "California accessories" as it is the California style combined with California companies. These items were hard to find on the other coast and there for became a selling point.

Melon I'm sorry your pissed off, but it is better than being pissed on. I only use the word Cali in a joking manner. Sorry if the humor was too high brow for ya.

Anonymous said...

Geez it took a long time for you
to notice...Just a prank on my
part...Didn't ya see the "f'n
commies" comment... Got it???

Your anti commie pal,

Still Blind Melon