Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You gotta wonder.

A moment in time was captured and we know nothing about it. We can guess it was a cross country ride based on the pennants. Where were they going? Where were they coming from? What is this patriotic memorial and what does it mean to our riders? These are the stories we often never know. Good thing I've still got a child like imagination.


Anonymous said...

OK, Let's wonder...Niagra Falls
pennants...Backdrop of a river.
One JD Harley and one Indian.
Maybe Supervision R.O.has more
info??? He can probably tell
you the last time the rider ate.

Blind Melon

drsprocket said...

Dear Blind Melon, The last photo Jedd posted was of these same two machines. The HD is a 1927 as it has full front fender skirt and no front brake. The Indian is a 37 inch Scout of the same vintage sans the front brake and has the correct front fender for that year. In the other photo you will no doubt see the flowers in the pasture which would indicate a spring ride. Notice also the Brooklyn N.Y. pennant. Since there is no bright sun or morning dew I would say it is around lunch time or a couple hours after breakfast. Probally have been riding for a couple of hours and needed a restroom stop hence my time frame guess. It's all there to see and be seen. Yours respectfully, R.L.O.

drsprocket said...

Forgot. Probally Civil War marker if the photo was taken in Pennsylvania or Revolutionary War if taken in New York or PA. just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt. Dr.Sprocket is
the king of observation. We salute

Blind Melon

fouraces said...

And Jedd's mind is child-like...hmmmm. Does that have anything to do with the movie Slingblade?