Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Photos

A friend of mine sent me this pic of her great grandfather during WW1. These are my favorites. Personal family photos never seen outside the family. So if you got them and want to share please send them our way. Doc any info on the bike?


drsprocket said...

Jedd, Not enough info from that angle and distance. Rich

Anonymous said...


It sure looks like a late teens
Indian, Power Plus. But, remember
I am nearly blind and not an Indian

Blind Melon

Anonymous said...

It's American. Not HD or Thor based on the front forks. Mid 19teens. Looks like a V twin, with a front mounted magneto. But the two small levers in front of the riders right leg show that it's an Indian. Plus you can just see a bit of the front fork leaf spring. Cool spare tube holder on the right handlebar. It looks like a small bicycle acetylene headlight below the main lamp.