Monday, March 15, 2010

Ahhh sensory overload!

My new favorite picture. So much to see. I will most likely leave stuff out, so please Doc, Rich, Blind Guy, everyone help point out the goodness that is this photo. I'll start. Bobbed Knuckle with chromed VL? springer, Atlas hub cap, Harley Deluxe seat (47ish), chromed oil tank, crazy bars (Jeff please help),a crazy gone wild paint job, high mid control pegs (very 50s). Don't forget the bad ass roadster in the background. Wish I could see under that hood. And most importantly are this cats socks! They match the paint daddy-o!


drsprocket said...

Nice try Bunky. Reflection or lighting would cause one to assume items not on evidence. That's not a VL springer but a regular 36 to 48 style. No mid-controls, his foot is on the brake pedal in it's stock position, and I believe the saddle to be the earlier 40 style deluxe version. points to you on the rest though.

Flathead Jedd said...

Perhaps I misspoke on the mid controls. I meant mid "pegs" If you look directly down from his heel, I do believe I see the round end of a foot peg mounted higher than what would be expected. Clearly his foot is on the chromed brake pedal. I'm pretty sure the seat is the later deluxe version found on 47/48 era bikes. It looks like the one on mine. As for the springer, I'll believe you but you have to admit with the chrome and the lighting, the rear leg sure looks like an I beam.

Anonymous said...

In any case, using pegs instead of foot boards and 18/19 rims
means a sportier bike. I do believe
VL front forks belong on VL's. The
VL motorcycle did not develop the
speed/power of the overheads and
the frame/forks were suited to the
lower speeds/power. This looks
like a postwar knuck to me. Beautiful bike, classic photo.

Oh, the sprung fork on a VL has
the bridge closer to the tire..

Still Blind Melon

drsprocket said...

Is everyone also missing the cool custom with skirts and white interior behind him. Hotrod, custom, bob job. Cool neighborhood.

Motorcycle Clothing said...

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AC&C said...

i would say that the kicker pedal is a rarer one. looks like there is nothing on the rear fender and the lamp is on the right rear axle. also appears to be no dash and there is an oil gauge instead of the stock switch. corrections??? :) billy. ps i built a new blog, check it out if you like.

drsprocket said...

Your right billy that's the solid plastic block mititary type. Jedd's right too. That's a deluxe 47 saddle.

R.Belladonna said...

His socks match the paintjob..!

Lonnie C. said...

From the look of the rocker boxes, I would think it is a '46 - '47 motor. A nice ride, without a doubt.