Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1938 Knucklehead

So i rarely post on the clubs blog. But i decided i would share a picture of my newest bike. This picture was taken by Scott Pommier this past weekend at the Born Free bike show. I built the bike over the last few months and got it up and running in just raw steel and no paint. I rode it for a month to work all the kinks out of the bike and on sunday i tore into the bike and pulled it completely apart to have everything chromed and have Harpoon do the paint work. The plain is to have the bike back together and done in time for the Grand National Roadster show. Hope you like, i will post more pics when its all finished. And oh yeah thats a 4 over VL springer



drsprocket said...

Jeff, can hardly wait to see it with the cosmetic's done. It's just right mechanicly. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Was this bike at El Camino? I think
I saw it there.