Monday, June 22, 2009

Dixon...A review of the show and swap

Hey all! We just got back from Dixon and had a great time. The FT Sutter Chapter of the AMCA couldn't have put on a nicer show. Friendly folks that took good care of us. It was a no hassle event with no parking Nazis, no camping Nazis and most importantly no swap meet Nazis. The swap meet was good, not huge but very good. Wes and Jeff did quite alright. I took home a trophy for "period modified" class, which was a pleasant surprise. There were some cool bikes up there. Not too many bobbers or choppers. Mostly stock and a few old race bikes. Met some really nice people and got to put a few faces together with emails. We'll be posting some pictures over the next few days, so keep and eye out.


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More Dixon pictures please!


Are you related to Big Head?