Monday, November 29, 2010

Cool is cool.

I'm not gettin all 60's on ya, but cool is cool. Is that Blind Melon and Dr Sprocket?


Anonymous said...

Front Fenders? We don't use no
stinking fenders...Looks like these
guys were in a damper climate..


drsprocket said...

Melon, When I used to ride up to Oregon and Washington back in the day the law was front fenders. Us SoCal boys always had something small that attached with hose clamps. Jedd, how time appropriate. I just fasten on my winter (very small) fenders to my chop and bobjob this past weekend. Like a good Boy Scout one should always be prepared. Take note Melon, unless you don't plan on venturing out this winter.

LUCKY said...

What club is this & where was it takin?

Flathead Jedd said...

Sorry Lucky I have no idea the background on this pick.