Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sam Opie Cut Down

This true treasure was spotted at Dixon. It's the real deal original Sam Opie Cut Down. This was truly the start of an era with Sam's custom bikes being created in Seattle. I've attached a picture of a restored JD so you can really compare the two and see all the details that went into creating these one of these stripped down beauties. Doc I hope you can please add some more history and lore to the Opie Cut Down.

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drsprocket said...

It was good to see you , Wes, and Jeff in my own back yard. Sorry it took so long to respond but my one eyed wonder gave up it's power supply just after Dixon. Sam Oppie worked for the HD dealer in Seattle back in the 30's and 40's. He built approx. 25 of these machines. Most were motored by two cam JDH motors. You can see the shortened tanks and the seat post area is dropped about four inches or so. These were truely the first bobber/chopper hot rod m/c's. My friend Greg had another one in this area till he sold it. It was at least 80" and had a Sam oppie air horn on it with '40 HD emblems on the tank sides. Also handmade chrome strips on the tops of the fenders. This machine pictured belonged to Marion Detrieck (spelling?) a famed m/c collector and rider from way back who passed in the 70's and had the goods.