Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Pirate Revisited

This guy is one of my favorites. Remember him from a long ago posting? He was the dude with the sword swizzle stick earring. Pretty risque for 1948. A true pioneer in biker fashion.


American motorcycles said...

Cool to see another photo of this colorful biker. The pic where you can see the sword in his ear is one of my favorite "yesterdaze" motorbike/biker images.


philonwheels said...

Anybody know the significance of the float plane in the background? Was it used for filming the beach racing at Daytona?

stag party jackets said...

what bike is he riding? the chain is on the right side and looks like a 45 cam chest with center distributor.

drsprocket said...

It's a military 45 w/ cool pipes.