Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Willow Springs Raceway circa 1956 or 57

The bottom photo shows Marty Dickerson on his Grey Flash. Nice line up with the spectators as well. A 56 Mercury, a Ford Woody Wagon and a Porsche, not to mention the bikes. That line up would make for a happy garage.


drsprocket said...

Jedd, Check that photo again. That middle car is a Chevrolet station wagon w/ 2 Vincents parked behind it. Nice early 356 Porsche too. Just saying.

Flathead Jedd said...

Doc it's good to have you back. Sad the way I have to drive you out of hiding by sacrificing my reputation by making mistakes.

epinut said...

Ok, I'd say the Mercury is a -53 & the car in the middle is a Pontiac -53. Not that it matters really... Nice pics though, too bad they aren't bigger.