Sunday, August 10, 2008

German's Agentinian Japanese Bobber?

Very cool little bobber from our friend German in Argentina. Thanks so much for the picture.

Hi,my name is German Karp,I´m a kustomizer and also pinstriper,HD mechanic,BMX rider,and junk-vintage old parts hunter.The photo that i´m sending is my last bike thats a CB125.
I made all the bike from the frame to the seat,
Here is the technical sheet of my bike:

Frame: Honda, cut & made the new tail and top tube.
Forks: Honda, shortened 2″, fender tabs removed and drilled.
Motor: Honda, 125cc refurbished and painted.
Handlebars: Custom made
Brake Levers: Custom trimmed and painted
Taillight: Old Lucas on custom license holder
Headlight: Old siambretta type
Fender: Old ford spare tire cover scored for $0.80 from a bum (it’s like $.30 in U.S money)
Tank: Who knows? But it has a cool tool case.
Exhaust: Original cut in half, then a fence top was use for the inverted cone for a cost of 8$
Air Filter: Exhaust tail & piece of tube.
Seat: Custom made, all leather
Battery Case: Piece of bent steel, all the electrics inside.
Rear Wheel: Stock hub,16′ HD rim, free tire.
Front Wheel: Stock hub & rim, 3.25×18 imperial cord tire.
Paint: Epoxy black/ oskar´s fender, battery case & tank.
All the pieces were detailed,drilled and sanded before paint


Anonymous said...

Congratulations your byke is my bad dream!!!

KBza said...

Congratulations dont leave me dream any more!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks Awesome, what spokes did you use for the rear rim?