Friday, July 11, 2008

Bobbers Abroad

Many of our blog visitors are overseas. Let's hear from you. Send us some pictures of an Aussie Bobber or a British Bobber. Japan I know you are out there! Send us some pics and we'll get them posted.



Pee-Jay said...

Hi Flathead Jedd,
I am one of your visitors from Europe. I have made my own blog, it’s very new, so it doesn’t contain that many pictures yet, but you are welcome to take a look, and borrow some of the pictures if you find something interesting. Of course there’s more to come.
The pictures I’ll post will be pictures that me or my friends have taken here in Denmark.

Greetings from
Peter Ossian Jørgensen

Flathead Jedd said...

Thanks Peter,
I like your blog it's a good start. Your Knuckle is killer. I like it alot.

Flathead Jedd