Monday, June 9, 2008

Wanted!!!! Yellow Jackets, Sharks, 13 Rebels

I recently had a great conversation with Bob, a member of the Yellow Jacket MC from 1948-1951, and it occurred to me that I really need to get on this project of collecting information and photos. So here's your mission if you choose to accept it. Get me info on the early clubs. I want to find Sharks, Yellow Jackets, 13 Rebels, etc. Anyone hanging out at the Crash Inn, The Shanghai Red, The All American and the Big A. Who partied in the LA River bed down near Long Beach until the Sherrifs chased them off? Who raced the sand pit in Lomita and drank a beer on each lap? Who's got pictures of the early clubs and their sweaters? Find out! Ask around. I added an email address to the blog under "holler at us." It's temporary email, but use it to contact the Wing Nuts. I'll get back to you soon.



Anonymous said...

what ya want to know about the 13 rebels m/c i am a member.

BFMC24 said...

The Yellow Jackets were the racing name of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club (BFMC) after the Hollister event in 1947. The BFMC is the true granddaddy of almost all motorcycle clubs.

To get all the info contact BFMC National or myself, President and Charter Holder of chapter 24 in Denver, CO.

Flathead Jedd said...

Sorry for the delay. The ol' DSL was down. Ahh. Who can live without the internet. As for the 13 Rebs, I'm interested in history. Old pics and the like. Are you an old member? or is there a new incarnation of the club? As for the BFMC, I'm well aware of their history as it is well documented. Kudos to you guys for doing so. I didn't want to tred upon your "turf", butttt I think you wrong about the Yellowjackets. It's my understanding from some of the oldtimers that Yellow Jackets existed before the BFMC. There also seems to be many unrelated clubs called the Yellow Jackets. Let me know if you can help document this story.

Anonymous said...


Shellback said...

I recently read an old Easyriders interview with Wino Willie Forkner and in it Wino says that the AMA wouldn't allow the Boozefighters to race because of the name so, "I decided that if they didn't like the Boozefighters, I'd fire up a club with a legitimate-sounding name to promote the races. So we created the Yellowjackets and incorporated that." I haven't heard or seen anything to prove otherwise but we do happen to have a living authority on the subject in one Mr. Jack "Shark" Jordan. He's a veritable fountain of information and at 80+ years old he's still as sharp as a whip... actually whips aren't very sharp but you get the point. I'll run it by him and see what he says.
Best Regards,

37WL said...

I'm personally interested in more history of the 13 rebels as far as if there are any of the original members still alive?
Also, any chapters around on the East Coast? PA,DE, MD,..etc.??

37WL said...

Anyone have any info, lists, etc. of old defunct clubs? Anything on the east coast, PA, MD, NJ, DE, etc., etc.?? I'm a history nut myself, always have been and have come up short on finding anything out on old defunct clubs out here on the East Coast.

Flathead Jedd said...

37wl the 13 Rebels are around still and I believe they have members in Wash DC. I've met with and spoke with some members and they seem like really good guys. They have a website you might want to check out. And yes there are a few original members around. Shell Thuet I believe is around and doesn't live to far from me. As for east coast clubs, sounds like a good project for someone. Obviously I can trace many out here but not too many back east.

bfmccasper said...

"shark" Jack is an origional member of the Sharks MC and still alive and riding. I see him every year at the Boozefighters MC Nationals. I have his signature on my top rocker. Very cool cat. I may be able to get some contact info for you.

VP #44

Shakey said...

There's a photo from Hollister '47 of a street corner showing a man in a Yellow Jackets MC sweater so I seriously doubt they were the "racing name of the Boozefighters." Though their website does say that Wino Willie raced under the Yellow Jackets colors while a Boozefighter since the Boozefighters were not sanctioned by the AMA.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you are wrong. Wino willie started the yellow jackets mc for racing, that fact is well documented. He even said so in an old interview for a mag, ive got a copy of it.
BFMC #44

Anonymous said...

be interested in seeing that statement

Anonymous said...

it appears Wino started a chapter of the Tellow Jackets, not the club, according to this

"Several notorious Booze Fighters raced while wearing Yellow Jackets colors such as Willy 'Wino' Forkner (out of Los Angeles). Wino started his own chapter of Yellow Jackets to race under. You see, they couldn't race in the American Motorcycle Association AMA sanctioned events