Monday, January 28, 2008

Wing Nuts Sweep Grand National Roadster Show!

Congradulations to Chopper Dave and Wes on their wins at the Grand National Roadster Show. Chopper Dave won 1st in his class with his S&S powered Wedge motor in the "Secret Weapon." He also won an engineering award well deserved. He is a fabrication freak. Wes won 1st in his class with his crazy WL 60's show bike. He also took home a "best use of color" award for Nick O Teen's crazy paint job that the little flattie adorns. there is some preety neat engineering going on in that bike as well. (Chopper Dave owns and operates Chopper Daves Casting Company in Long Beach, CA. Wes owns and operates Four Aces Cycle Supply in Pacoima, CA) Thanks again guys the bike are great, I'll post pics later (even though neither are bobbers ;)


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